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Living And Working In 200 Sq. Ft. For A Year

For nearly a year I lived in a 200 sq. ft. studio apartment in Capitol Hill in Seattle, and because I am a freelance artist, I also worked out of that space. It was about as annoying and cramped as you probably are imagining, but I did learn several things that helped. Here are a few of my tips on things I did to make it work.

Overall, there are a few major tips I would give to anyone moving into a micro studio.

- Firstly, get small and multi-functional furniture and have as few pieces as possible. This makes your space so much more open feeling.

- Also, when you are looking for places, it is very helpful to choose somewhere with large and plentiful windows as well as making sure you have a space with a loft. My building had units without lofts as well, and those had very much of a dorm room feeling and would have been much harder to live in.

- Make sure you have a good understating of the kitchen situation. Not having a kitchen is very hard and not something I fully consider…

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